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"Masterpieces of the eighteenth century"

In 1671 the first Oranjeboom brewery was founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The name referred to the ruler at the time, the Prince of Orange, and the brewery developed into Rotterdam’s largest – and one of the biggest in the entire country. We were among the first to export our beers and we’ve been brewing, trading, shipping and exploring ever since.

We believe all great beers are about authenticity. So we decided to search our archives and discovered some forgotten recipes which we’ve now brought back to life under the label “D'Oranjeboom” – one of the earliest names our company was known by. With this range, we present a collection of luxurious Eighteenth Century brewing masterpieces that were enjoyed worldwide over 250 hundred years ago.

The original Princesse beer


Princesse beer was the luxury beer of the Eighteenth Century, exported and drunk worldwide – a whole century before the English introduced their globetrotting India Pale Ale. It was originally created as a tribute to Anna van Hannover, Princess of Oranje-Nassau, wife of Willem IV and daughter of King George, king of England.

Early last century, lager-style beers emerged. These bottom-fermented beers were produced on an industrial scale making them cheaper to produce than the top-fermented Princesse beers. Slowly but surely, Princesse beers disappeared from the scene but our aim now is to bring this style of beer back to life.

Princesse Beer

D’Oranjeboom Princesse beer

With D’Oranjeboom Princesse speciality beer, we introduce this new (old) beer style true to its original taste. It bridges the gap between the generally mild taste of modern lager and more trendy, extreme sour and bitter flavours that are popular today.

It was all made possible thanks to the discovery of the original Princesse beer formula as well as to many beer enthusiasts such as the Beyerd Breda microbrewery.

In Old Dutch we have a saying: "Op den ouden voet en deselve naem gecontinueert". Or translated: "On the same old footing and under the same name."

"Op den ouden voet en deselve naem  gecontinueert"

Translated from old Dutch: "On the same old footing and under the same name."

Originated as a tribute to Anna van Hannover, Princess of Oranje-Nassau, Princesse beer is rich in both colour and in history.

The combination of liquorice, coriander and curacao provide a unique, spicy flavour.

Best temperature to drink: 8 - 12° C

Enjoyed with:

Roasted Meat, Roasted Chicken, French Cheese.

5,6% ABV | EBU 30 | Hallertauer Magnum & Tettnanger Hops

White Princesse beer is inspired by a 1788 Flemish white beer created as a tribute to the original Dutch Princesse beer.

The cloudy white Princesse is full-bodied with low bitterness and well-balanced acidity while Saison Yeast gives this beer its extra bite.

Enjoyed with:

Smoked Fish, Shellfish and/or fruitsalad.

Best temperature to drink: 5 - 8° C

5,6% ABV | EBU 35 | Hallertauer Magnum & Tettnanger Hops

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